• The Counselling & Human Development Unit of the Students Affairs Division has been re-focused to help students overcome psychological problems.
  • The Students Affairs Division organizes orientation programmes for fresh students in order to expose them to the tradition and culture of the University and to introduce them to the activities of the various units of the University.
  • The allocation of students to the halls of residence and regulation of students’ activities in the halls of residence as well the general welfare of students in the halls of residence are paramount to the Students Affairs Division.
  • The Division coordinates the awards of scholarship and bursary to students by individuals, organizations, and government agencies.
  • The social activities of students on campus are regulated through the registration, monitoring, and mentoring of student clubs, organizations, and societies.
  • Since majority of the students live off-campus, the Off-campus Unit has been established to regulate and manage the activities of students and private hostel owners.
  • The mobilization of students for the National Youths Service Corps Programme is an important duty of the Student Affairs Division.
  • The Division is going in the direction of electronic voting system in order to adequately manage the Student Union Elections.
  • In order to enhance the leadership skills of the Student Union Leaders, the Division organizes local and international workshops and trainings on regular basis.
  • In order to enhance the functionality of the students, the Division also conducts regular workshops and seminars on security and safety, health and wellness as well as psycho-social problems.