The University has a host of student support services, which include, but not limited, to:

  • Student Work Study Scheme: handles the financial needs of indigent students.
  • Students’ Industrial Work Experience Scheme: provides a platform for interfacing students’ theoretical knowledge with the practical, world-of-work experience.
  • University Library: handles reading and e-learning needs of students.
  • Health Centre: handles the health care and wellness needs of students.
  • Information, Communication and Technology Application Centre: handles all matters relating to online registration of students and processing of students’ results.
  • Sports Centre: handles the physical fitness and relaxation needs of students.
  • Counselling & Human Development Unit: handles the general and specific counselling and psychological needs of students.
  • Off-Campus Unit: handles the accommodation needs and welfare of students who do not have accommodation on campus.
  • Security Unit: handles the security needs of students.
  • Fire & Safety Unit: handles all matters relating to fire and safety of students.
  • Examinations, Records & Statistics: keeps and manages student data, results and transcript.

Central Timetable Committee: works, in conjunction with relevant units of the University, to administer the schedules of lectures and examinations in a student-friendly manner.

Welcome to the Student Affairs Division …the Division that promotes a student-friendly environment in a 21st Century University; properly called!

Dr. Bolanle Ogungbamila

Acting Dean