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“Please there is a breakable stuff in that bag” Thonia said as she handed her bag to the motor boy at the AKTC motor park. She was on her way to Lagos to purchase goods for her new boutique shop.

No sooner had the bus took off than she began to cough. She coughed repeatedly to the point that the passengers on board could not but noticed that something was definitely wrong. When asked by a co- passenger about the cause of the cough, Thonia said in between breath that she was asthmatic and had been at a party all night. She was with her friends that smoked cigarettes till day break. To add insult on injury, she forgot her inhaler while rushing to meet up with the bus. The more she tried to suppress the cough reflex, the worse it became. At a point the passenger sitting next to her had to announce to the driver that they were dealing with a medical emergency. The driver was instructed to drive to the nearest pharmacy shop or a hospital where help could be sought. There was one problem however, it was early in the morning and most shops were yet to open.

Everything was happening so fast, Thonia was finding it difficult to breath, something just had to be done, there had to be a help or she would die. The driver tried to put more pressure on the pedal; he overtook every vehicle on the way, jettisoning all the traffic rules.

Just has all hoped seemed to have been dashed for Thonia, they came across FRSC on the road. One of the passengers suggested the driver should ask for their help. Luckily for her, there was a Hydrocortisone injection in the emergency box. She was given a dose of the drug, which obviously bought her a good time before she was rushed to the nearest hospital. The rest of the passengers continue with their journey while Thonia was admitted in the hospital for a proper management. She called on her relatives who met her in the hospital.

She promised herself never to be so careless again and to avoid smokers like plaque.

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