Only Good Education Can Build Good Nation, Citizens – AAUA Council Chair


The Pro-Chancellor and Chairman of the Governing Council of Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba Akoko, Ondo State, Nigeria, Dr. ‘Tunji Abayomi, has said it is best for the county to invest in the education of her citizens, saying, investing in education is investment for the very life of a nation and the welfare of her citizens.
Dr. Abayomi said this in his welcome address at the 6th Governing Council Retreat of Adekunle Ajasin University, held at Green Legacy Resorts, Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria.
He noted that it’s best for the county to give education its pride of place. According to him, education has the power to change the total insight and foresight of any man and is thus a veritable vehicle to drive societal change.
As he puts it, “Investing in education is investing in the life of a nation and the welfare of her citizens. A nation should build good education so that the education can build a good nation. Education has the potential to heal more diseases in our nation than all the hospitals in the world, win more wars for her than all her armies, and feed more people than all the farms.
“Imagine what education has done to the living! Consider medicine, law, religion, art, science, commerce and industry and see how education has truly shaped them for the benefit of mankind. True, education needs wealth to grow, but because it is the greatest wealth of the nation, everything should be guided by the command of its spirit.
The Pro-Chancellor identified the inherent dangers and consequences of not emplacing sound and functional educational system, noting that lack of good education holds severe consequences such as poor leadership, poor followership, poor environment, decay or even death.
He said, “The consequences of a lack of good education can be traumatic for a growing nation. They range from poor leadership to poor followership and poor environment as well as decay and even death. We can see the transforming power of education by comparing the ways of the educated persons to that of the uneducated. Education improves the usefulness of men and women to the society and in this regard education is different from training which is limited in scope usually to a field of study. But both are crucial for a happy society. A nation without education is indeed a nation in utter delusion and darkness and the one with poor education suffers from a ravaging disease of poor growth.”
The retreat, which featured lectures, and tours, among other engagements, was held to take effective stock of the University’s challenges and progress on various fronts, effect organizational change initiatives, engender creativity and synergy around future directions and proffer workable options.

Nigerian Varsities Need Re-orientation for Functionality, Effectiveness – AAUA VC

The Vice Chancellor of Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba Akoko, Ondo State, Professor Igbekele Ajibefun, has advocated what he called a re-orientation and re-direction for the Nigerian university system in order to make it more functional, competitive and globally relevant.
Professor Ajibefun stated this while addressing members of the Governing Council of Adekunle Ajasin University at the 6th Council Retreat of the institution held at the Green Legacy Resorts, Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria.
The Vice Chancellor said the future ahead will be won by those who are creative and imaginative in addition to being academically driven. He asked the handlers of the nation’s educational system to put on their thinking cap to avoid treading the old paths of working without getting the desired results.
He said, “The need to change our orientation in the Nigerian university system is dire and urgent. The present society is knowledge driven but the future is not just about knowledge; it is also about creativity and about imagination and about independent thinking.
“If we continue the same way we have been doing in the past and present, we will continue to have the same results and more problems will continue to emerge. The future won’t be just about knowledge but about wisdom and creativity, hence, we have to change our orientation.”
The Vice Chancellor lamented that no Nigerian university ranks among the top 1000 in the recently-released global ranking by Times Higher Education.
According to him, “The best Nigerian university in the ranking, University of Ibadan, was ranked 1,099, while Adekunle Ajasin University was 6,275 in the world and 28 in Nigeria. The militating factors have been identified to include poor funding, lack of an identified academic culture, poor ethics and discipline, poor infrastructural facilities, and poor and unattractive working environment, among others.
“We cannot continue this way. Something must be done. We must re-assess our university not just as an ivory tower but also as a factor in development. We must discuss how the stakeholders will converge to rescue the university system.
“Achieving world-class status requires that a university expands beyond its borders and around the world. It must be locally responsive to the needs of the community and globally engaged in solving the grand challenges facing our world. The boundary between the university and the city must become porous, or even non-existent. The university must be relevant to the society by providing solutions to societal needs. Universities must be involved in creating, developing and deploying impactful community partnerships that advance its teaching and research missions while strengthening ties to a global community.”
The Vice Chancellor, however, said Adekunle Ajasin University is not resting on its oars as it continues to make lofty and giant strides despite the difficult Nigerian environment and daunting fiscal hitches.
He said, “Despite the difficult Nigerian environment, Adekunle Ajasin University has made giant strides over the years. The University had been ranked twice as the best state university in Nigeria. Law graduates of the University have consistently performed very well at the Nigerian Law School. The University also has a number of active collaborations with some leading universities around the world. She has consistently achieved great performance in the NUC accreditation exercises in the last eight years. Her graduates have also continued to excel in different areas.

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