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The Senate, at its Special meeting held on Wednesday, 12th January, 2022, considered the Preliminary Report of the Committee on Recent Students’ Violent Protest in the University, and approved that the University be reopened for academic activities on Sunday, 30th January, 2022 while the suspended 1st Semester examination for the 2020/2021 Academic Session should commence on Monday, 31st January 2022.

The Senate subsequently approved the following conditions for resumption of academic activities:

i. All students must pay a reparation fee of Twenty thousand Naira (N20,000.00) only before resumption:
The payment is either by cash paid directly or bank transfer, using banks’ applications, into:
Account Name: AAUA Reparation Account
Bank: Polaris Bank Ltd.
Account Number: 4060015043
Account Type: Current
Amount: N20,000.00

ii. All outstanding school fees up to the 1st Semester 2020/2021 Academic Session must be paid by all students before resumption;

iii. All students must be duly registered up to 1st Semester 2020/2021 Academic Session;

iv. Students must swear to an oath of good behaviour before a Commissioner of Oath. Please, visit the University website for the template to be used;

v. All students must submit letter of good conduct duly signed by their Parent/Guardian; and

vi. All students must show evidence for the above (i-v) before they could be admitted to the campus.

vii. Any student who is unable to pay his/her school fees should request for Leave of Absence (LOA).

The Senate also approved the following procedure for commencement of the suspended 1st Semester examination for the 2020/2021 Academic Session:

  • First and Second week (30th January -12th February, 2022):
    100 and 200 Level students examinations, beginning with Departmental and Faculty courses; after which the University wide courses (GST and ENT) would follow.
  • Third and Fourth week (13th – 26th February, 2022):
    300, 400 and 500 Level students examinations.
  • Students in higher levels with carryover in lower level courses would be allowed to write the examinations for the lower level courses after fulfilling the aforementioned conditions.

Furthermore, the Senate approved that:
Clearance would be done online after fulfilling the above conditions.

Only students writing examination shall be allowed into the Campus.

Students must carry their Clearance forms and other means of identification everywhere on Campus.

All Undergraduate students are requested to comply with the conditions spelt out above and be properly guided.

For further information, please visit the University website, www.aaua.edu.ng.

Thank you.

Olugbenga ARAJULU, FCAI, JP.


  1. The use of USSD mode of payment is NOT allowed. Any student who does that may be taking the risk of not being cleared for the payment by Bursary Department, because the payment details may not be discernible in the bank statement.
  2. For bank transfer, using Bank App, students must key in their MATRICULATION NUMBER (FIRST) then followed by their NAMES in the Narration/Description field.
  3. For cash payments at the bank, students must write MATRICULATION NUMBER (FIRST) then followed by their NAMES in the Depositor field.

Thank you.

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