aaua_malariaEka Emmanuel picked up her 5 year old boy who had been suffering from fever in the last two weeks. She had got a bitter leave mix with castor oil to prepare enema for the child as was the practice in the village. When after two days the lad was still hot she had consulted the local chemist man who gave her a barrage of medications. As usual, the diagnosis was typhoid fever they seemed not to know any other thing. The boy was placed on injection for five days with several combinations of syrups. When after a week, the fever appeared to have increased in intensity she sought the assistance of her pastor. The thought of her mother in law being spiritually responsible for the boy’s sickness was not far from her mind. Emmanuel was the only boy in the entire extended family. The mother in law who had despised her with every fiber in her felt resentful that her only grandson came from a one night stand.

When she explained this to her prophet, she was put in the church for spiritual protection. The poor boy was made to be in dry fasting with the prophet adding another dimension to the whole episode. The child was from the spirit world and would have to be cleansed of the familiar spirit. To do this, he was to drink several spoons of olive oil everyday and he would have to be beaten with palm fronds every night to prevent the spiritual friends from gaining access to him.

Soon after that, the poor boy became weaker. He could no longer stand alone. Even when the food was made available, he couldn’t eat. The hands and feet were so pale that it could have put any reasonable mother on the run. When she made an attempt to take him to the hospital, the prophet refused, claiming that the spirit had started the battle. Then Emmanuel could not breath clearly again, his breath was up, his eyes were permanently rolled up, he started opening his mouth in a rhythmic manner. When the pastor noticed this, he called brother Ezekiel, who was the prophet in training to rush the boy to the nearest hospital.

At the hospital, Emmanuel was said to be in heart failure from severe aneamia which resulted from the untreated malaria. Eka Emmanuel screamed; hold on to the doctor to save her son. The doctor, though moved with compassion to save the innocent boy could hardly do a thing as the boy was already gasping. Within ten minutes of presenting in the hospital, Emmanuel, the only male child of the entire family breathed his last. It was too late. If only he had come few hours earlier, maybe he would have survived. The doctor shook his head as he pronounced him dead. Not even the cry of his mother could bring him back. He was gone.

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