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Bursary department is an integral part of the administrative machinery of the University and it is charged with the responsibility of managing the finances of the University.

The Department is headed by the Bursar who is the Chief Financial Officer of the University and responsible to: the Vice-Chancellor for the day to day administration and control of the financial affairs of the University. AAUA Bursary is poised for excellent service delivery.

A department whose vision is driven by core corporate governance, principles of probity, proactiveness, transparency and adoption of best practices in institutional financial management. To achieve this vision, the department is structured into divisions for easy administration and effective supervision, with each division having well-defined functions.

The divisions are Accounting Services Division, Treasury and Student Services Division, Resources Management Division, Management Services Division and the Central Stores Division. The department is manned by seasoned, tested and trusted professionals with proactive disposition to emerging challenges.

The staff strength is made up of 51 senior staff, including eight Chartered Accountants and 28 junior and support staff. Our community of staff continues to make its little contributions to the pursuit of transparency and probity in the good management of corporate finance resources of the University.

Join us in the march towards evolving a 21st Century University, properly called.


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Our Structure


For effective performance of duties  the Bursary Department is subdivided into Divisions and Sections/Units headed as follows.

i Accounting Services Division – Mr. F.O. Ige Chief Accountant
ii Treasury and Student Services Division – Mr. A.T. Orina Chief Accountant
iii Management Services Division – Mr. M.S.O. Shittu Principal Accountant
iv Resources Management Division – Mrs. E.E. Ola Senior Accountant
v System Division – Vacant Chief Programmer
vi Central Stores Division – Mr. F.O. Fawehinmi Chief Supplies Officer

Our Roles

Role and Functions

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