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The AAUA Centre For Research & Development (CRD) was established to facilitate needs-driven research for achieving sustainable development as well as to serve as a repository for research ideas and inventions. It was also established as an incubator for both public and private sector initiatives. As the Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer (IPTT) desk of the University, it seeks to protect ideas, thoughts, or products of individual or collective intellectual efforts. The CRD also acts as a Clearing House for all applications for international and local grants and also serves as a repository of information on all forms of research outcomes and sponsorships.

Apart from providing leadership in development activities, the CRD is the Consultancy arm of the University and it regularly puts in bids for specific assignments with a view to generating revenue for the University.

We therefore welcome patronage from Government, private individuals and industry, as we are capable of providing solutions to problems in a variety of disciplines, using the University’s rich array of academic staff with professional qualifications in several disciplines ranging from the Liberal Arts, Social and Management Sciences, Education and Law to Science and Technology.

Thank you.

Prof O.F. Olotuah

Director, Centre for Research & Development.

Structure of Office
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Our Structure


To be the leading research and development centre in Nigeria and to become a model University-Industry (U/I) outfit for actualizing the town and gown concept in the Nigerian University System.

Our Roles


To identify and tailor solutions to the technological problems and needs of the society through needs-driven research, capacity-building and partnerships for development.

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For operational purposes, each R & D section is headed by a highly experienced and accomplished research scientist/subject matter expert, supported by a Desk Officer. Above the CRD's Management is Board comprising of highly qualified academics from Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba-Akoko and eminent Nigerians from the private sector.