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I am greatly delighted to welcome you to Linkage and International Programme Office (LIPO) of Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba-Akoko (AAUA). Our office is committed to serving the needs of international students and faculty from all walks of life, and around the world. I implore you to take full advantage of our educational excellence through our International Programs. Our goal is to help you create a wonderful and memorable experience, as we enhance the University’s research, academic and cultural interactions.

We have about 40 active international and local collaborations and academic agreements with foreign universities and organizations, with undergraduate and graduate programs that guarantee admission. Our University will open the door to the next opportunity on your career path. If you are interested in studying at the best State University in Nigeria, then AAUA is your best choice. We invite you to join us as international students, visiting experts, faculty member on sabbaticals, to demonstrate most of your talents which will add value to our system. We can assist you in achieving success in today’s global and economic environment. It is our belief that education with international touch is necessary to equip staff and students with knowledge and skills for survival and growth in a competitive world.

With best wishes.

Prof. Timothy O. Adejumo (Director, LIPO)

Structure of Office
Role and Functions
Other Information

Our Structure


Many staff may benefit from informal collaboration with colleagues abroad that do not require AAUA’s official commitment. If the agreement is at the Departmental or Faculty level, then it is only applicable to staff and students from those respective Departments or Faculties; an institutional agreement has the widest scope and is applicable to all staff and students.

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) – An agreement between institutions which is often the first step toward institutional collaboration.  An MOU spells out mutual expectations, and identifies possible areas of collaboration.

Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) = Usually a more specific agreement that is less binding than a formal contract, but reflects a sincere commitment to plan and implement specific activities. An MOA can be an addendum to a general MOU. Multiple department or college specific MOAs can serve as addenda to a single institutional MOU.

Student Exchange Agreement – An agreement that allows movement of students to and from AAUA. Students pay tuition fees to home institutions for courses taken while on exchange, and may study at the host institution for up to a maximum of 2 academic years.

Articulation Agreements- Senate approved agreements between AAUA and other recognized institutions that define the terms and conditions for consideration of admission and recognition of prior learning within the context of specific programs or credentials. Normally, the University abroad agrees to guarantee admission to students from a partner institution, as long as certain requirements (TOEFL score, GPA, minimum and maximum credit hours, etc.) are met. Upon successful admission, students may receive established credit within a program at host institution for a four or five-year degree programme.


Joint Degree Program Agreement = Students from a partner institution pursue studies leading to a degree at their home institution and simultaneously a degree fromAAUA (a single degree conferred simultaneously by two institutions).


Dual Degree Program Agreement = Students engage in studies atAAUA and at another institution, usually sequentially, receiving separate degrees from each institution (a B.S or B.A. from the partner institution and M.Sc or M.A. from AAUA, for example.) Dual degree programs often shorten the time it would take to pursue the two degrees separately.

Short-Term Incoming Study Abroad Program Agreement = A foreign or domestic partner organization or institution recruits students from another country to study at foreign university on a non-degree basis.

Faculty Exchange Agreement – An agreement that describes the respective commitments by faculty units to enable movement of Lecturers between two institutions.  This agreement will commonly provide details on funding available, travel costs, provision of accommodation or research facilities, salary/ remuneration, reporting, and possible areas of responsibility while on exchange.

Research and Development Collaboration Agreement – An agreement between institutions for research and development collaboration in a specific area, including the terms and conditions of collaboration. All agreements are finalised through the Centre for Research and Development.

Partnership Conference Agreement – An agreement that describes the respective responsibilities between institutions that are working in cooperation to hold a joint conference on a regular basis (annually, biennially, semi-annually).

Visiting Expert/Professor or Adjunct Professorship

The visiting expert will be expected to interact closely with faculty and students with the aim of strengthening its existing activities and/or assisting in the establishment of new lines of research. The visiting expert will teach postgraduate courses,may deliverseminars, supervise students, conduct research and discuss future collaborative partnerships.


Others include Exchange of graduate students for study and research, Visiting International Student Program, Exchange of academic materials and other information (including library materials and resources) and Joint collaborative grant proposals.

Our Roles

The Linkage and International Programme Office is specifically set up to:

promote AAUA internationally to enhance the recruitment of international students.

serve as a gateway for internationalization and actively pursue new international initiatives, exchange programs, linkages, and collaborations. Serve as liaison with national and international agencies and partners, and encourage visits of scholars.

advise and contribute to the continuous review of the curriculum at AAUA as global trends dictate.

organize/facilitate lectures, seminars, conferences and other events that may be beneficial to the internationalization policy of the university.

provide information on scholarship/solicitation, exchange and collaboration opportunities to facilitate international experience for students and staff.

archive all AAUA’s agreements and achievements in internationalization, and follow up on signed agreements and Memoranda of Understandings.

continuously benchmark AAUA’s internationalization policy with focus on the stand in terms of sending and receiving students internationally.

propose programmes that promotes internationalization of research and multi-lateral teaching, and position graduates for national and international labour market and mobility.

assist visitors with travels and immigration, transition and adjusting to local conditions.

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