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Centre For Infectious Disease Control And Drug Development

The AAUA Centre for Infectious Disease Control and Drug Development (CIDCDD) was established to meet the rising need for health safety and scientific developments. It is also valuable to meet relevant applications for international and local grants as well as moving competitively to solve some global health and biotechnological challenges. AAUA has been adjudge the best State University in Nigeria at one time or the other. Hence, our Centre, CIDCDD is valuable to partner with in terms of relevant analysis, grants and research development.

In lieu with this recent and pressing development in the community and country at large, we also request for the provision of a signboard that highlight the activities of the Centre as stated below:

Ø  Molecular biology including qPCR analysis

Ø  Infectious Diseases Control

Ø  Antimicrobials, Natural products and Medicinal plants therapeutic screening.  

Ø  Gene sequencing

Ø  Nanotechnology 

Ø  Proteomics and protein analysis

Ø  Water and food analysis

Ø  Soil testing

Ø  Pharmacokinetics

Ø  Biocomputing

Ø  Culture collection prospects

Ø  In vitro and in-vivo assays

Ø  Information dissemination and sensitization


Complementary to this activities, Centre for Infectious Disease Control and Drug Development has the capability to render consultancy services within the University community as well as to other relevant beneficiaries. In order to enhance research development, using the University’s human resources and manpower in terms of its versatile academic staff with professional qualifications in Science and Technology. My responsibility as Director is to make our missions and commissions to become reality with your full patronage and support. This will be beneficial to all concerned.

We will appreciate if you join us to achieve our goals as briefly highlighted here. Your support will also inspire us to do more and create a better world for human survival.

Best wishes.

Prof. A.O. Ajayi

(Director CIDCDD)