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Welcome to the Department of Business Administration. We are committed to facilitating the education and training of managers at various levels – undergraduate, postgraduate, and professional.Our goal is to develop the mind and impart theoretical and practical knowledge of the type that will encourage self-reliance in the individual. The courses we have on offer will also enable him to understand, exploit and, improve his environment.The specific objectives of our programme are to:

(i) provide the basic knowledge needed for understanding and analyzing problems related to the management or administration of industrial, commercial, public and other human organizations;

(ii) equip students of Business Administration with the skills needed for recognizing and defining problems and taking appropriate decisions, using scientific techniques and tools;

(iii) inculcate in the student, an awareness of and sensitivity to environmental factors and conditions, and their impact on managerial/administrative practice and decisions,

(iv) develop the leadership and interpersonal skills needed for working in organizations;

(v) develop a knowledge and understanding of the concepts, problems and practice of management;

(vi) equip students with a thorough knowledge and understanding of the responsibilities typically exercised within management, marketing, operation, and personnel functions; and

(vii) develop clear principles and values to guide ethical conduct both at the corporate level and at the level of the individual manager.

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