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HOD's Welcome Message

HOD's Message

The Department of Public Law has always been in the Faculty of Law, specifically as one of its two foundation Departments in 1999.

The Department offers courses from 200 level to 500 level. The courses offered are Administrative Law, Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, Law of Evidence and Criminology. These courses are for training our students to be relevant in the practice of law and also to be current and resourceful in the dispensation of justice.

Most of the courses taught concern the rights and duties of the citizenry vis-à-vis the state and government agencies. The subjects offered in the Department are designed to make our students aware of and prepared for, the socio-economic, political, and legal challenges of our time.

The vision of the Department is of highly trained lawyers who are capable of contributing meaningfully to national development and the upliftment of humanity. And true to that vision, the Department has, since its establishment, produced lawyers who are making their marks in the legal profession.

With the recent introduction of the Master of Law degree programme in the Faculty, the Department now also offers courses at the LL.M level to postgraduate students.

Our mission is to both train lawyers who will turn the economy of the country around, and produce world-class Legal Practitioners who will be respected worldwide.

Excellence, hard work, and integrity are our watchwords.

Dr. Victor O. AYENI.

Head of Department.



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