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HOD's Welcome Message

HOD's Welcome Message

I welcome you to the Department of History and International Studies. This Department, with a glittering future, is located in the serene and hilly topography of Akungba-Akoko. The Department offers about 55 courses in the areas of African, American, European, Asian, Pacific and Middle Eastern history at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

The primary goal of the Department is to train students to be competitively knowledgeable enough and to be able to cope with the challenges of the 21st century and beyond.

Though the study of history is herculean, its importance for personal, institutional, and community development is unqualified. In order to engage our students in the interplay between the society, history and international politics, special attention is placed on the quality and knowledge spread of lecturers who are continuously involved in research to improve the quality of lectures given to students in the Department.
The Department is positioning itself to becoming the bastion of intellectual interaction in the African continent by providing an outlet for academics in the field of history and related discipline to publish in the Department’s annual journal (Akungba Journal of Historical Studies), and to engage in the Department’s seminar series that provide a robust forum for articulation and cross-fertilization of knowledge for positive change.

In order to nurture and sustain our students’ interest in intellectual engagement, students in the Department are equally encouraged to publish their research findings in the Department’s students’ annual journal, IMO.
Those ignorant of the usefulness of history may believe that the study of history is nothing but mere story telling. Rather, history develops the mind to become critical.

I welcome you once again, on behalf of staff and students of the Department of history and international studies, where the present is amenable to the past with projection into the future. Let us be part of history in order not to perish.
Thank you.

Ag. Head.


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