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Welcome to Religion and African Culture

Studies in Religion and African Culture involve understanding the core values and beliefs that shape African Culture today. The Department of Religion and African Culture evolved to become a unique academic division in the production of highly trained graduates in the various aspects of the three major religions practiced in Africa, namely: Traditional Religion, Christianity and Islam. This involves examining the history of religious traditions, comparing the ideas and values of different religions, and understanding the functions of religion in society. Our students use various theories such as: Phenomenology, Sociology, Literary Studies, e.t.c. to investigate why people are religious, where religion comes from and how it should be understood.

The Department

The Department runs two major programmes at the undergraduate level viz:

(i) B.A. (Hons) Religion and African Culture

(ii) B.A. Religious Studies/Philosophy Combined

At the graduate level, the Department runs Masters of Arts and Doctor of Philosophy in Religion and African Culture in various areas of specialization such as: (i) African Traditional Religion (ii) Biblical Studies (O.T. & N.T) (iii) Comparative Studies (iv) Ethic/Sociology of Religion, Philosophy of Religion and  Islamic/Arabic Studies. The programmes are designed to enable students understand the phenomenon and social implication of religion in general, Religion in African setting and the African Cultural Milieu in particular.  The programmes also aimed at providing the needed manpower for civil service, administrative cadre, self employment and teaching of Religion in Post Primary and Tertiary Institutions.

You are therefore welcome to the Department.

Dr. Benson Ohihon Igboin,

Ag. Head of Department,

Department of Religion and African Culture


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